Snap on dentures prices and procedure

An implant-supported overdenture, has the advantage of replacing the patient’s teeth with more lenient implant placement positions compared to the other alternative prosthetic choices. Snap on dentures are recommended when the patient has severe morphologic compromise of denture supporting areas that significantly undermine denture retention, poor oral muscular coordination and low tolerance of mucosal tissues, parafunctional habits leading to recurrent soreness and instability of prosthesis.

Illustrative image for snap on dentures procedure


Two implants
Bone regeneration
Orientation for cleaning procedures and treatments.

Our price:

$4,800 USD

Average US Price:

17,192.5 USD



Chair time:

4:00 hrs

Note: chair time may vary depending on specific patient procedure. All cases and treatments are different. For diagnosis and information contact one of our top dental clinics.

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Snap on denture with bar procedure

Snap on denture procedure