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Testimonials dental tourism

Everyone is so professional in their work, they are highly qualified, very friendly and excellent facilities. The best of the best!

Alizette Ochoa Salazar

Testimonials dental tourism

Excellent service, top quality facilities, in one visit they solve my problem, extremely professionals… 100% recommendable.

Lula Garcia

Testimonials dental tourism

We come from Monclova to assist us with Dr. Ramirez, as I had him highly recommended, we left very satisfied with the treatments that were made to my wife and me.

Dante Quiroga

Testimonials dental tourism

I called BioDental and was able to get an appointment in two days. On my first appointment Dr. Ramirez assisted by another DDS and a dental assistant evaluated my situation, did complete digital imaging, removed my tooth and implanted a US Made Keystone PrimaConnex Tapered Implant. Following the procedure Dr. Ramirez drove me to the pharmacy directly across from the pedestrian bridge to the US. My pharmacy cost for antibiotics and pain meds was less than $20. I then walked to my parked car on the US side and drove back to South Padre. My care was wonderful. The technology was all first class and exceeded my experiences in the US. The total cost for Dr Ramirez work including diagnostics, extraction, bone graft and specialized upgraded implant was $850 US. I had no problems and healed very well. I was very impressed by the quality, personal care, wonderful teaching and a safe ride back to the border on a rainy afternoon. Highly recommended.

Melvin Frank

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