Piedras Negras
Removable denture Piedras Negras
Get removable dentures Piedras Negras
Get removable denture at our top dental clinic in Piedras Negras
Removable denture Piedras Negras
Full or partial removable dentures are an easy and affordable option to replace your missing teeth, take a short and quick trip across the border and visit the clinic we found in Piedras Negras. The dentist uses the same technology and materials that U.S. dental centers, but with the benefit of paying 70% less. Get your dentures and start smiling with confidence!

Visit us today and start saving!

We work with high-quality materials, professionalism, and safety; you can experience the greatest dental services with savings of up to 70% at our top dental clinic in Piedras Negras.
Our dental clinic offers additional services such as, cleanings, fillings, extractions, bone regeneration and x-rays, for more information contact us.
"He’s very professional and attentive to the whole process"
Always address your concerns and take his time answering your questions. Could not recommend anyone more for this or any other max... Read more.
Erik Daza - 06/05/2018
"Excellent doctor and excellent work!"
If you need some type of maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Alejo is undoubtedly the right one. Even after my surgery he called to see how... Read more.
Chesi Cardenas - 04/20/2018
"100% recommended"
An excellent service, 100% quality, professional, and a good treatment.
Jose Luis Guzman - 05/13/2017

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