Tijuana, B.C.
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Dental implant doctor in Tijuana

Dra. Grelda Itzela Valencia Chávez has more than 25 years of professional dental practice, Dra. Grelda and her team had been able to attend with warmth, kindness and great service their patients from Mexico and the United States.

Between her continuing education and practice she has been managing to perform multiple academic and professional activities where we can highlight her participation in cultural activities for children’s learning and the importance of oral prevention and counseling oriented on odontology continuing education for the Centro de Capacitación Profesional Integral.

Dra. Grelda and her team will explain step by step the procedure and the required work, taking care of every single detail and the quality of the work.
"No dentist ever took the time to educate me"
No dentist ever took the time to educate me so I just lived with my pain, which I didn't know until now. She also kindly introduce... Read more.
June Kaewsith - 06/13/2018
"I had a pleasant and gratifying visit"
I drove down to Tijuana from Fresno, Ca. I highly recommend this clinic for all your current/future dental needs and I will be ret... Read more.
Samuel Thornton - 06/13/2018
"Highly recommend Dr. Grelda is so gentle"
I usually have severe dental phobias and she is so sweet and soothing, I had no problem at all. I needed multiple surgeries and sh... Read more.
Yolanda Marie - 12/06/2014

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