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When you visit Queretaro, you can find low-cost and top quality on dental crowns. Each crown is custom-made for your needs, having the advantage of restoring your ability to smile with confidence. The clinic performs all treatments using affordable and high-quality dentistry materials, which are the same that dentists in America use.

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We found and work only with the best dentist in Queretaro, in order to provide you the best available option for your overall dental health without being an economic burden for you.
One porcelain crown
Chair time:
1:00 hrs.
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Our dental clinic offers additional services such as, cleanings, fillings, extractions, bone regeneration and x-rays, for more information contact us.
Disclaimer: this information does not represent the medical advice from our clinics. Prices shown may vary according to the specific needs of your treatment, materials, and brands. Prices compared to similar quality dental clinics. Chair time may vary depending on specific patient procedure. Get an estimate directly from the dental specialists. All the prices are expressed in USD. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. For more information and diagnosis contact the dental clinic. (Illustrative images)
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