Nogales, Son.

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Dental tourism guide Nogales, Son.

(Border city with Nogales, AZ.)

Nogales is one of the most important tourist ports of entry.

A city where you can find fun and entertainment for all ages, you can walk shopping in Passage Morales, an alley closed to vehicles full of craft stalls across two streets, is one of the best ways to enjoy this city; if you want to do something more fun you can find several casinos.
La Feria de las Flores, is the most important feria of Nogales and is celebrated since 1941, starts on May 1 ending 15 days after, you can enjoy fireworks, musical events, traditional dances, and Antojitos Mexicanos.
You can enjoy the warms evenings in the outdoors and see for yourself why Nogales is the ideal border city to shop and do business. Nogales has an easy access for US residents, especially those from California and Tucson AZ.
Americans often visit Nogales to shop and visit Passage Morales this open-air shopping strip filled with street vendors that offer you a fun and vibrant place, you can get great deals in leather goods, silver jewelry, prescription drugs, pottery, perfumes, liquor, handcrafted goods and a wide selection from all over Mexico.

Safety tips
Nogales, it’s a safe place to visit and stay, you can cross with your car and park it in one of the many secure parking lots, the price would vary from $4 - $8 dollars a day. It’s mainly a tourist city visited on a day to day, so fell safe to walk and enjoy, take the same precautions you would take when visiting an unfamiliar city.

Additional information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Dental tourism popular attractions

Museo de Arte de Nogales
This historic building was donated by Adolfo Lopez Mateos and it opened its doors as a museum in the year 2012.
Parroquia de la Purísima concepción
Constructed in the year 1886 and it was the first Catholic church in Nogales.
Pasaje Morelos
This street is a tourist favorite you can walk, enjoy traditional Mexican food and art while enjoying the outdoors.

Information about Embassies, Consulates or Consular Agencies
for U.S. and Canadian citizens.

In case of emergency, lost passport or general assistance to citizens traveling in Mexico please contact the proper embassy or consulate.
U.S. Consulate in Los Nogales
Las Tiendas de Palmilla L-B221, Km. 27.5 Carretera Transpeninsular San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur C.P. 23406
Assistance to U.S. citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-748-0129
From the United States:
Tel: 1-844-528-6611
Consular Agency of Canada in Tijuana
Germán Gedovius 10411-101 Condominio del Parque Zona Río 22320 Tijuana, Baja California Norte
Assistance to Canadian citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-684-0461
From Canada:
Tel: 011-52-664-684-0461
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Dental tourism guide Nogales, Son.

(Border city with Nogales, AZ.)

Bridge with the Mexican flag in the left and the USA flag in the right silhouette Crossing the border

Approximate time to cross the border at peak hours (4pm-6pm)

Mariposa Port of Entry
Vehicle: 30 min.
Pedestrian: 2 min.
US Fee: -
Clinic distance: 1.7 miles
Centro Port of Entry
Vehicle: 25 min.
Pedestrian: 15 min.
US Fee: -
Clinic distance: 0.4 miles
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Arriving by land

It's easy to cross the border, you will have great cellphone reception and navigate to your destination, we suggest that you consult with your insurance provider to verify that you are cover to drive in Mexico. Your car needs to have insurance and the driver has to have a valid drivers license.
If you choose to Park your car on the US side there are plenty of parking lots options with prices from $8 – $10 USD per day. And mostly offer shuttle buses to take you across the border and back for about $10 USD.

Distance to Nogales, Son. (Approx.)

Tucson – 61 miles
Chandler – 146 miles
Mesa – 156 miles

Phoenix – 160 miles
Glendale – 169 miles

How to move around the city

It's very easy to drive in the city by car, but if you prefer we would recommend using a taxi, uber or private transportation.
If you are thinking of driving outside the city limits (20-30 kilometers from entry points), we suggest you check the following link:

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Arriving by air

There are two international airports nearby Nogales, Son. or Tucson, AZ.

If you flight directly to Nogales, the airport offers shuttle services and taxi but if you prefer you can request an Uber, it’s normal to expect that the driver will ask you to walk one block away from the entrances.

Our clinic is located 13.8 miles from Nogales Airport.

If you decide to flight directly to Tucson AZ., the clinic is located 63.6 miles from Tucson Airport.

Common flights to Tucson, AZ. (Approx.)

Atlanta 3:25 Hrs.
Austin 2:05 Hrs.
Dallas 2:15 Hrs.
Denver 1:30 Hrs.

Houston 2:11 Hrs.
San Francisco 1:38 Hrs.
Seattle 2:32 Hrs.

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Where to stay?

You can find a wide selection of hotels and motels with a price range of $30 - $80 USD per night, whether you're staying in Nogales, Son. or Tucson, AZ., you can find a hotel in the website

The nearest hotels in Nogales from the clinic are:

Hotel Fray Marcos - 0.2 miles
Quality Hotel Americana – 1.4 miles

Dental tourism guide Nogales, Son.

(Border city with Nogales, AZ.)

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What to do?
Doctor recommendations

Dr. Calvo personally recommends these places.

Leo's Restaurant (average price $10 - 12 USD per person)
Nogales Art Museum
Casino Caliente

These recommendations have free parking and wheelchair accessibility.

Places you can drive from Nogales (approx. miles)

Magdalena - 55 Miles
Santa Ana - 66 Miles
Sonoyta - 224 Miles
Puerto Peñasco - 279 Miles

To visit these places remember to check with your car insurance or your rental car company if you are cover, we suggest you check the following link:

General information

You can visit these websites to find events, concerts and more things to do during your visit.

Group of people kayaking watching pelicans
Entrance of the art museum in Nogales
Bingo place entrance with bright red color
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