Mérida, Yuc.

Snap on dentures procedure / Mérida Clinic

Implant supported overdenture

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A destination full of traditions and home of one of the top Mexican dentist; Without losing its heritage, the dental clinic in Merida has up-to-date technology where you can get your snap on procedure with affordable prices.

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This top bilingual dental clinic will help you with the journey for a healthier looking smile, look no further and trust the professionalism of dental tourism locations, we took the time to find the best in Merida just for you.
Four implants
Semi-precision attachments
Transitional prosthesis
Definitive prosthesis
Chair time:
4:00 hrs.
Get snap on procedure at our top dental clinic in Mérida
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"Excellent team of specialists"
Excellent team of specialists, from the first instance, they treated me very kind, punctual in the diagnosis and treatment. I am v... Read more.
Francisco Gabriell Alcocer Mendez - 12/11/2019
"I recommend them!"
A super professional team. The facilities and staff make you feel quite safe and at ease. I recommend them!
Sara Ambar Hernandez - 08/30/2019
My wife and I had fillings replaced, and dental cleanings here while on holiday; great service - very professional; as good or bet... Read more.
Steve Doolan - 06/15/2019

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