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Need a quality 3 unit bridge? Visit the city of Mazatlan, this sunny paradise is home to one of the best international dental clinics that can provide you with this procedure, up-to-date technology, and a dental specialist that has years of experience to help you feel more relaxed, in any of your oral needs at prices that will make you and our wallet get the biggest smile.

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Two implants
Temporary and final bridgeOverdenture
Bone graft
Tissue graft
Chair time:
2:00 hrs.
Get 3 unit fixed bridge treatment at our top dental clinic in Mazatlán
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"Very good dentist"
Very good dentist, english speaking, and reasonable prices.
Howard Dell - 12/10/2018
"Dr. Sanchez dental services are great"
Been going to Dr. Sanchez for three years now and find his work great.
Dennis A. Sorenson - 04/21/2017
"Great dentist!"
I have been seeing him for years, many crowns, root canals, and he replaced all my fillings. He stands behind his work. I get my w... Read more.
Rick Hall - 04/21/2017

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