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Oral Health Group GSB is a dental implants clinic that arises from the idea of several Dentistry specialists, in order to provide quality care at affordable prices for the population of Mexico. Oral Health Group GSB offer dental implant treatments, orthodontics, periodontics, teeth whitening and all dental specialties, at an affordable price.
Oral Health Group GSB is relatively young, since we have 12 years of service, although our doctors have a wide clinical experience. Some of them have more than 27 years of clinical work; for example, our implantologist has almost 20 years of experience and more than 6000 implants successfully placed.
Mexican medical license: 1561942
Years of experience
Dentist: 30 years
Implantology: 20 years
Number of implants placed
Over 6,000 implants
First appointment cost
Languages we speak
Spanish - English - French
Available brands
Technology available
General information
Free parking
Pickup services
Bilingual services
American insurance
Credit and debit card
Wheelchair accessible
No waiting period
Schedule your appointment without any major waiting period at this clinic.
Clinic information
US phone: (734) 708 3142
MX phone: +52 (961) 212 3821
+52 1 (55) 3722 5207
Address: Wenceslao Domínguez 10, Santa Cecilia, 29240 San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chis.
Chiapas dental clinic entrance Entrance
Chiapas dental clinic lobby Lobby
Chiapas dental clinic station Station
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Ana María Galeozzi Madrid
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Noe Munguia
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Eduardo Valiñas Lorenzo

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