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Testimonials dental tourism

An excellent experience at Medident Cancun, MX with everyone I met from the receptionists, assistants and Dr. Roberto Carlos, Professor of Dentistry at the University. It all happened by chance really and the fact that he is open on Sundays. He loves his work as reflected in all the hours he puts in.
Short story: I was at another dental clinic in Cancun and a procedure was recommended that I wasn’t sure I needed so I wanted a second opinion. Dr. Carlos saw me that night, examined me and helped me through the possibilities for my teeth.
He spent one hour with me for in-chair discussion and didn’t charge me a penny. After meeting this man and understanding that, for him, it was all about top quality workmanship and the top materials available in the world. I would return to his office for a 4 hour procedure on my 4 front teeth. The cost was so low I actually cried and offered more but he refused.

I’m an older man from the United States and have never met a doctor as kind, skilled, and patient as Roberto. I would highly recommend Dr. Carlos to everyone as a Top Dentist anywhere in the world. While other clinics may cut corners or rush through things, he is the opposite. What you get is the best dental work in Mexico, I would suggest. If you are unsure of having dental work in Mexico, you will be amazed at the high-quality treatment and caring you will get with Roberto and all the people in the office. Amazing experience!

Alan Tauber

Testimonials dental tourism

This is the best dentist place you could ask for. We were on a family vacation and the day we landed on Aug 5th my husband’s tooth started hurting super bad. He was already in pain since the past few days however he thought he would survive the trip but as soon as we landed it got worst. Our hotel helped us get in touch with this doctor and we are so happy and amazed at the great service by the doctor and his receptionist who not only got us the appointment but made the tooth extraction process so easy and painless for us. We left with painkiller prescriptions. Our vacation was so much smoother. Highly recommend this doctor’s office. Affordable prices too!!!

Varsha Chhablani

Testimonials dental tourism

I highly recommend this clinic. I received excellent service while on vacation. Dentist Roberto Gonzales speaks English and does quality work. I will return in the future. 100% recommend.

Allen Varma

Teeth before and after of patients in Cancún
Teeth before and after of patients in Cancún

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