Dental Crown

The zirconia crown is the strongest type and easier to manufacture than others crowns available at the moment. To obtain the right fit for your mouth the dentists uses CAD/CAM technology that shapes and cut the crown to match the existing tooth. The creating process and placement can be done in a single appointment.



One crown

Our price:

$350 USD

Average US Price:

$1,200 USD



Chair time:

1:00 hrs

Note: chair time may vary, all cases and treatments are different, for diagnosis and information contact one of our top dental clinics.

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Dental crown procedure

The crown has the purpose of returning to the tooth its functionality and strength, restoring the ability to eat and smile with confidence, this can be screwed or cemented.

After the healing process of the dental implant, our specialists will take impressions of your mouth to custom-made the artificial tooth. There are two methods to place the crown into the abutment; cemented or screwed. The cemented method can preserve the crown looks, avoiding the unaesthetic screw access and greater resistance to porcelain fracture. The screwed method allows to easily recover the crown in case of maintenance or fracture.

Note: this information does not represent the medical advice from our clinics, all cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certifications and experience, our doctors have the proper studies and certifications to perform this kind of procedures, for more information and diagnosis contact one of our top dental clinics.