Frequent questions about Dental Tourism in Mexico

R- When you use a top quality brand for your dental implants, most of the manufactures will provide a warrant for the part. If you need adjusting it will be easier to find a dental specialist that knows how to work with a top brand.
R- We would not recommend, we did an extensive background check on every clinic so you could trust the service provided by that our suggested clinic.
R- They are the best and they have the business infrastructure to provide with fast same day quality dental services to dental patients.
R- First, select the destination of your choice and contact one of our dental care specialists; they will guide you on your specific dental needs.
R- Just select the city you want to visit and it will open the clinic/city information, you can use the functions to contact directly that clinic.
R- We are a company of specialists that take the time to do the research and select the best doctors in every important tourist destination and border cities, we only work with the best so you can be confident in your dental choice.
R- You will get the same quality you would expect in any up-to-date clinic in the United States or Canada. We have the highest standards in our entire network Clinics. With savings of up to 70% done with the hospitality and warmth that makes Mexico the 9th top tourist destination in the world.
R- At our clinics YES, we select all the clinics and make sure they meet US standards so you will get excellent quality dental care.
We only work with the most renowned clinics in Mexico.
R- Our clinics will open the dental part in presence of the patient, you will see the quality brand that will be used. We verify all our clinic's purchases to make sure that they buy and use top quality materials in your procedures and prosthetic parts.
R- Our listed clinic's guarantee procedures, implants and lab work.
Although nobody can guarantee 100%, you can have peace of mind that all of our clinics have to pass the high-quality evaluation to be listed and in the unlikely event of less than .1% that there's an issue with the work the dental clinic provided, you can directly report to us so we can work on your behalf to fix it.
R- Its not a common practice, most procedures use local anesthesia, if you suffer from anxiety, medication such as Valium can be requested prior your appointment. If your procedure requires full sedation a certify anesthesiologist. must be preset and additional charges may apply.
R- The standard anesthetic method in Mexico is local anesthesia, rather than total sedation dentistry. If you want total sedation, our dentist can provide the services at an additional cost. We suggest talking to the Doctor about it in advance, so he can book an anesthesiologist.
R- Our dental tourism visitors take advantage of affordable vision care, less costly much more.
See our city visit guides so you can plan your trip.
R- In our locations usually the weather is pleasant, ranging from 70 to 90 Fahrenheit all year round, you can visit the dentist any time of the year.
The weather will vary in the winter and summer, we suggest you check the local weather in advance of your trip, so you can take the proper clothing. (All of our locations show the actual weather).
R- Spanish is the main language in Mexico, but English is spoken in all of our clinics, we selected the specific locations that are tourist attractions or borders cities where English speaking people its very common.
R- No, if you’re traveling further than 25 kilometers you need to fill a small form at the port of entry and present a valid passport, to enter the US again you will need to present your passport.
R- No, if your stay does not exceed 180 days and you’re entering by land all you have to do is paid a small 5 USD fee, if you travel by air the fee is included in the price of the plane ticket.
R- Most establishments in Mexico accept credit or debit card, and there is a wide selection of international banks and ATMs all over the cities where our clinics are located, (a small charge fee might be applied when you use an international ATM, ranges between 2-4% depending on the bank).
R- Yes, the media sometimes exaggerates the organized crime and social turmoil for political reasons, patients do not have experience problem in our popular dental destination, and we selected our cities because they provide tourist and visitor’s safe and friendly destination for their dental care. Our locations are in safe neighborhoods, where is easy to walk and navigate.
Millions of people visit Mexico every year making it the number one tourist destination in Latin America.
R- We Suggest having the normal travel precautions as when visiting a diferent city, use the same precautions you would have in your city.
R- Yes, but we would advise to use the cash exchange at the airport and use Mexican pesos, most places will take dollars but at a much Lower exchange rate, that you will get at the bank.
R- Dental clinics in Mexico usually can’t bill your insurance company directly, however, you can contact your insurance provider and ask if they reimburse dental care outside of their network.
If they do, make sure to take that information with you, it will need to be filed by the Doctor.
R- You will need a valid driving license and a valid credit card.
We suggest you do this procedure online with time; most trusted quality companies have the (pick up / do in) centers directly on the airports.
R- Usually, US car insurances companies cover the first 25 miles, we suggest you contact your insurance provider for specific details.
You can acquire temporary car insurance to drive through Mexico, a valid driver license is required.
R- All the cities listed on our website have great Internet reception from your phone, additional charges may apply depending on your cell phone carrier.
We suggest you see your cell phone provider for prices.
R- Doctors in Mexico use the same brand materials and have the same education but the hourly wage in Mexico and cost of living is much less expensive
R- You will have some pain and discomfort after the anesthesia is over. This can be expected with any surgical procedure, considering that a small incision was made in your gums and bone. The doctor will inform you according to the procedure you have.
R- Same-Day implants need to fuse with strong bone and should most likely be able to resist a certain amount of torque. The best type of candidate for same-day implants already has a strong bone structure and relatively healthy teeth. After an evaluation, your doctor would lead you to your best option.
R- Is the All-On-4 lower denture, where four implants are placed in the jaw bone to give the needed support for the entire denture. In this case, while the implants fuse onto the bone, the dentist would place a temporary prosthesis over the implants for a natural look.
R- It’s not convenient to go any amount of time without teeth or prosthetics.
R- The CAD/CAM is a 3D technology that allows the dental clinic to obtain 3 dimensional impressions of your teeth, with the help of the CAD software, the dentist can design the final restoration in less time than traditional methods.
R- Crown, inlay, onlay, veneer, and bridge.