Dental whitening

Woman whitening teeth with zoom whitening system
The dental clinic will offer professional dental cleaning methods that will be faster, stronger and more gentle on your gums than over the counter products, ensuring that the teeth get an even color and protecting the enamel.
Most frequent methods:
Save of up to 62%!
Consist in applying a bleaching solution after protecting your gums. This solution is usually much stronger than the at home kits. Also heat or light may be use to speed and intensified the process.
Zoom whitening
It delivers dramatic results in only one office visit. Combined with take-home bleaching as a follow-up, it can whiten your teeth dramatically. After only three 15-minute sessions of the Zoom whitening system, your teeth will be permanently whiter. Even if you gradually pick up stains down the road, your teeth will always be whiter than they were before using Zoom.
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Dental whitening before and after
Disclaimer: The prices shown may vary according to the location, for a more precise price get an estimate contact one of the dental specialists. Prices compared to similar quality dental clinics. All the prices are expressed in USD. (Illustrative images)