Removable dentures

Full removable denture illustrative image
The removable dentures are non permanent prosthetics metal base and acrylic teeth that are made to match the color of your gums and teeth to provide the natural look of teeth and gums. They can replace your upper or lower teeth and in some cases, both.
They have to be glued or sealed to your gums on a daily basis and must be removed daily for cleaning in order to remove food, plaque and prevent them to become stained. Over time your dentures will need to be relined, remade or change the base maintaining the existing teeth.
Stages of getting removable dentures
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Stage 1
When you visit the dental specialist, has to take measurements so the part can be made at the laboratory, the dentures have to be reedy and premeasure to enter the stage 2.
Stage 2
In this stage, the specialist will remove the teeth to place and fit the denture to your specific shape and size.
Dentures can be for complete dental replacement or partial. With partial dentures, the denture is made to fit the remaining teeth and sometimes are used to help support and maintain in place the denture.
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Partial removable denture before and after
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