Complete dental services in Mexico

The clinics offer complete dental services, you will find specialists for general dentistry or cosmetic procedures at affordable prices. Providing fast, gentle and advanced dentistry in a friendly highly professional environment.

The team of dentists is committed to making you feel comfortable during your visit. Prices in Mexico can be of up to 80% lower than in the United States of America. Because the dollar has a higher monetary exchange value making 1 dollar equivalent to approximate $20 pesos, when it comes to services you can really appreciate the value of the dollar, because in Mexico wages and doctor fees when converted to U.S. dollars it can represent great savings for visitors. Any country with a higher exchange rate than the Mexican peso can take advantage of the prices in Mexico.
Most requested dental services
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Dental services frequent questions

What about the doctor's certifications and studies?
Mexican doctors have a similar education process that U.S. doctors and the quality of the schools in Mexico are compared to international schools. When you hear that Mexico has a lower education level it’s because it takes into account the average level of education of the total population. But most Mexican colleges have exchange agreements with the most prestige schools in the U.S. and worldwide.
What about the quality of the materials?
The materials and brands used in Mexico are the same as in the united states. International brands provide materials or products to most countries worldwide, the difference is the taxes the materials or products have to pay to enter the country and those taxes are pass to the consumer making the same material or product price different according to the country. Mexico has a lower tax rate for imported goods making them more affordable so, you can get the same quality brand at a lower price.
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