Implant supported fixed bridge procedure

A three unit bridge is an artificial set of teeth that are connected by dental implants to form a bridge that can be placed over your missing teeth to fill the gap. The dental bridge is supported by implants to provide a durable and strong solution. The bridge is completely customized to each patient‘s needs and situation. This implant supported bridge is non removable from the mouth by the patient. It is also palateless which means nothing will be covering the roof of your mouth. You can replace a full set of missing teeth with dental implants and a fixed bridge.
Traditional dental bridge.
Traditional dental bridge consists in a set of artificial teeth connected by dental crowns that are cemented to the teeth adjacent to the missing ones. Helping to build a bridge to fill in the gaps.
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Save of up to 59%!
Natural looking teeth
Strong structure
Prevents bone loss
Restores your smile

Procedure time (chair time)
2:00 hrs

Dental bridge frequent questions

What are the main differences between implant bridge and traditional crown bridge?
The main differences are the way the bridge is held in place. One uses dental implants and the traditional method uses your existing teeth.
Which dental bridge is the most affordable?
The dental implant bridge is higher in prices but in the long run it’s easier to maintain. The dental crown bridge is held in place by your existing teeth but in order to place the crowns the dental specialist has to remove their enamel to make room for the crowns that will be cemented making these teeth expose and will always need to be protected with crowns.
What procedure is easier to maintain?
The implant bridge is easier to maintain and offers a more durable and easier to maintain providing a lesser chance of decay or gum disease because the implant material is made of titanium.
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