Snap on denture

This procedure is an alternative for a stronger hold than regular dentures. It will provide a firmer hold and stability, eliminating the sores caused by lose fitting dentures that rub the gums. This implant procedure focuses on using the front of the jawbone to place the implants because there tends to be more bone in front of the jawline that on the back. The snap on dentures provides a removable solution but with a stronger hold, you will hear a click sound to ensure that they are strongly anchored to the implants.
Illustrative image for snap on dentures procedure
Save of up to 70%!
Affordable price
Dental stability
More confidence to eat and drink
Easy to maintain

Procedure time (chair time)
4:00 hrs

Snap on denture frequent questions

Are they more stable than conventional dentures?
Yes, conventional dentures slip off easy during the day vs snap on dentures that stay in place all day until the wearer snaps them off at night.
Can snap on dentures irritate my gums?
Snap on dentures, don‘t irritate your gum or rub against it. The wearer doesn’t have to worry about hurting their gums.
Will they affect how I talk?
No, with these dentures you can talk freely, without the obstruction of a full plated denture that will obstruct your tongue, the user can speak freely and worry free that the tongue may loosen the adhesive holding the metal cover in plastic dentures.
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