Dental implants in Mexico

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Oral implants are the ideal solution if you are missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, this treatment is becoming the standard for oral care, according to AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry).
The association also comments on how dental implants not only look and feel just like your natural teeth, but they also will provide the same level of functionality that natural teeth in helping preserve the jaw structure by preventing atrophy from bone loss, also it improves chewing ability and appearance.
Removable dentures and crown bridges address the cosmetic aspect but will not help to prevent bone loss.
Quality matters when it comes to implants
Getting high-quality dental implants offers many advantages, recognized brand names guarantee all prosthetics parts and has a worldwide presence.

The physicians must follow certain procedures to successfully work with a particular brand, most top brands manufacturers guarantee the implant for life, ask your dentist. With the combination of top brand names and our top physicians, the rate of successful cases is excellent.
Managing a top-quality brand for your dental implants it's easier to find a dental specialist that knows how to properly work with the brand, this allows patients from Canada and the United States to easily schedule follow-ups and checkups.
Graphic with success rato of dental implants and factors that lower the rate
Managing a top-quality brand for your dental implants will offer a higher guarantee and it’s easier to find a qualified specialist that knows how to properly work with the brand, allowing patients to easily schedule follow-ups and checkups in any country.

Before choosing a brand of implant we recommend to consult with the specialist about the guaranties the brand offers. Our network doctors guarantee their work similar to the one expressed by the brand name that they use for the procedure.

Dental implants frequent questions

What's the dental implant process?
Depending on the type of implants and according to your specific situation the dental specialist will recommend the right procedure for you. The most common practice for patients who need 4 or more dental implants is in two visits.

- The first part of the dental procedure is where the surgery is performed. The doctor will place the implants directly on the jawbone and a temporary prosthesis will be placed the same day, so you will leave the dental clinic with a set of temporary teeth. It’s normal to experience tenderness or swelling after the procedure, the doctor can recommend some medication to help the process.
- The second part (visit) of the implant procedure is: after the implant is integrated into the jawbone the dental specialist will remove the temporary set of teeth and is replaced by the crowns or dentures.
What are mini implants?
The mainly differences are the size in length and are used on patients that don't have enough bone to support a traditional denture. There is no difference in appearance.
Will my speech be affected by getting dental implants?
No, this procedure will not affect speaking or eating. It will provide more security to the patient, not having to worry about the dentures slipping off at unexpected moments.
How to take care of implants after surgery?
Maintaining optimal oral health as well as possible. Brushing twice a day and flossing. After the surgery, the doctor will explain each individual procedure on how to take proper care of the new teeth.
What happens if the patient doesn't have enough jawbone?
In most cases, a graft may be needed to help strongly secure the implants.
What's a bone grafting?
This method consists of augmenting the jawbone using artificial or natural graft. This process will help the bone structure to be stronger and denser to help achieve implant placement. This procedure is done when the patient jawbone has a deficiency in some areas.
Will the dental implants look and fell natural?
In most cases yes. Because of osteointegration, that's when the implant fuses with the jawbone, just keeping mind that this process takes time for your body to adjust to the change.
Is there an age limit to get dental implants?
No, the doctor will have to examine your medical history and actual health to evaluate if the patient can experience complications for the procedure.
How long do dental implants last?
With good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, dental implants can last a lifetime.
How long does the surgery take to heal?
From one to six months in most cases, it all depends on the patient's bone and good oral habits.
Most common risks of getting dental implants
- Implant failure, that translates to money loses. However, when the implant fails the manufacture and the clinics offer a guaranty of parts and dental work, talk to the clinic and specialist about the guarantee offered by the brand used for the procedure.
- Implant not fusing with the bone, this situation may be affected by uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, cancer or gum disease.
- Infection where the implant was placed; doctors will prescribe antibiotics after the surgical procedure to help prevent infections and the specialist will let you know after the procedure what to expect and how to notice any signs of infection.
*Our clinics don‘t charge the first appointment if the procedure is done. Consult with the clinic for details.
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Disclaimer: this information does not represent the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Chair time may vary depending on specific patient procedure. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top dental clinics.