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Dental implants in Oaxaca, Mexico can offer a magical and peaceful experience, but this is not the only combination you will get on this top location, you also find quality and great prices so look no further and start your magical experiences at this clinic. The single implant procedure is a very fast way to start improving your bite and will get you on the right path for overall dental health.

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We only work with the best materials available, professionalism and safety in all our services. Visit our top dental clinic in Oaxaca and have the best experience at reasonable prices.
One implant
Crown not included
Chair time:
1:00 hrs.

Note: chair time approximate may vary according to the specific patient procedure, all cases and treatments are different, for diagnosis and information contact one of our top dental clinics.
"Excellent service"
Excellent service, 100% recommendable, very satisfactory with the treatment.
Elias Cortes - 12/13/2017
"Total confidence!"
Excellent quality of people and very professional, total confidence!!!!
Yami Lopez Orozco - 08/03/2017
"I recommend 10000000% dental boutique"
I am amazed by the attention they gave to my mother, always quality and a fine result in each dental work.
Today I gave mysel... Read more.
Jimmy Raga - 08/01/2017

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