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The all on four is a process where all your teeth are supported with the help of 4 dental implants, this procedure can provide a strong bite and stability for the jawline. Our dental specialist in Chiapas can provide these services with the finest quality at prices that are up to 70% lower than you will find in the USA. The clinic has modern installations and they provide attention in English.

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We pride ourselves of finding superior quality dental services in Chiapas clinic, that use top brand name materials at inexpensive prices, and a dentist with years of experience.
Four implants
Temporary and final prosthesis
Orientation for cleaning procedures and treatments.
Implant crown not included
Chair time:
5:00 hrs.

Note: chair time approximate may vary according to the specific patient procedure, all cases and treatments are different, for diagnosis and information contact one of our top dental clinics.
"I was fascinated and therefore I recommend it"
I traveled to Mexico exclusively to see Dr. Chavez as it was the best price; I was surprised by the amazing technique that he... Read more.
Ana María Galeozzi Madrid
"The technique is very effective and fast"
I came from New York to visit Dr. Chavez recommended by my sister-in-law. He placed 9 digitized implants without pain and wit... Read more.
Noe Munguia
"I cannot travel constantly and this Doctor works very fast"
I came to Mexico for other purpose and took the opportunity to visit Dr. Chavez for an assessment and I left with 5 dental im... Read more.
Eduardo Valiñas Lorenzo

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