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Dental tourism guide Reynosa, Tamps.

(Border city with McAllen, Tx.)

Located in the northern border of Mexico, Reynosa shares the border with McAllen, Texas, one of the urban centers with greater growth in recent years, both borders receive all its visitors with joy and courtesy.
Art, culture, international presentations, traditional sports, the best restaurants and hotels are just a scoop of the attractive that offers this colonial city.
Reynosa is the most populous city in the state of Tamaulipas and has great growth in the industrial areas receiving mostly executives, businessmen and national and foreign capitalists that are looking to invest and take advantage of the facilities, services and the convenience of the border.
Walking the streets, you can see temples, museums, shops, historic sites, modern malls and enjoy its gastronomy that varies from sea food, steak, traditional cabrito and an influence of Tex-Mex.
Most places accept US dollars for payment but the exchange rate will be very low, we recommend using a bank or an exchange house so you can get a better deal on the exchange rate.

Safety tips

We recommend taking common-sense precautions and the same precautions you would take when visiting a foreign city, such as walking alone overnight and avoid traveling after dark on remote roads or isolated highways.

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Distance to Reynosa, Tamps. (Approx.)

South Padre Island – 91.5 miles
Corpus Christi – 179 miles
San Antonio – 261 miles

Houston – 369 miles
Austin – 334 miles

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Flights to McAllen, TX. (Approx.)

Houston 1:15 Hrs.
Dallas 1:35 Hrs.

Additional information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

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At Biodental Clinic we have the most prepared and friendly staff ready to give you the necessary attention, come and see why people recommended us more than anyone else. We have excellent professional training and the most advanced technologies available for dental care.

Dental tourism guide Reynosa, Tamps.

(Border city with McAllen, Tx.)

Bridge with the Mexican flag in the left and the USA flag in the right silhouette Crossing the border

Approximate time to cross the border at peak hours (4pm-6pm)

Vehicle Pedestrian US Fee Clinic distance
Hidalgo Texas Port of Entry 1:10 hrs. 1 min. - 0.8 miles

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Arriving by land

If you decide to drive to Reynosa, Tamaulipas you can cross the border through the Hidalgo Texas Port of Entry, the bridge is near the clinic, remember to consult with your car insurance if they cover you in Mexico.

Distance to Reynosa, Tamps. (Approx.)

South Padre Island – 91.5 miles
Corpus Christi – 179 miles
San Antonio – 261 miles

Houston – 369 miles
Austin – 334 miles

How to move around the city

It's very easy to drive in the city by car, but if you prefer you can walk in the city or request a taxi.

If you are thinking of driving outside the city limits (20-30 kilometers from entry points), we suggest you check the following link:

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Arriving by air

You can arrive directly to McAllen, TX. or Reynosa, Tamps.

If you fly directly to Reynosa, the airport offers easy transportation into town via taxis or shuttle, the fair from the airport to most locations within the city range, can vary from $10 – $30 USD.

Our clinic is located 9.6 miles from Reynosa Airport.

If you arrive at McAllen International Airport, you can request a rent a car with one of the companies that are near the airport and drive to Reynosa, we suggest checking with the car rental company if they cover you in the Mexican side.

Our clinic offers pickup services from the Hidalgo Port of Entry to the clinic, ask the clinic for more information and details before your appointment.

Our clinic is located 8.8 miles from McAllen International Airport.

Common flights to McAllen, TX. (Approx.)

Houston 1:15 Hrs.
Dallas 1:35 Hrs.

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Where to stay?

You can find a wide selection of hotels and motels with a price range of $30 - $80 USD per night, whether you're staying in Reynosa, Tamps. Or McAllen, TX.
You can find a hotel in the website

The nearest hotels in Reynosa from the clinic are:

Holiday Inn - .4 miles

Dental tourism guide Tijuana, B.C.

(Border city with San Diego, Cal.)

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What to do?
Doctor recommendations

Dr. Ramirez personally recommends these places.
Restaurant Mediterrane
Restaurant Mansion del Prado

These recommendations have free parking and wheelchair accessibility.

Places you can drive from Reynosa, Tamps. (Approx.)

Matamoros – 55.3 miles
Monterrey – 136 miles
Tampico – 317 miles

To visit these places, you can book a tour or rent a car.
Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are cover, we suggest you check the following link:

General information

You can visit these websites to find events, concerts and more things to do during your visit.

Cultural center with bright colors
Building with the view of the earth from space
Main plaza with trees and a center kiosk
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