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Get 3 unit fixed bridge treatment at our top dental clinic in Reynosa
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If you are interested in getting a 3 unit bridge treatment, you can comfortably cross the border from McAllen TX and visit our clinic in Reynosa, where you can expect to find the same quality and materials as in the USA. The installations are modern and can perform all services with 70% lower prices, we did research on the quality of work, rest assured the clinic can the best services.

Visit the clinic today and get your 3 unit bridge!

We only work with the best materials available, professionalism and safety in all our services. Visit our top dental clinic in Reynosa and have the best experience at reasonable prices.
Two implants
Three crowns
Bone regeneration
Orientation for cleaning procedures and treatments.
Chair time:
2:00 hrs.

Note: chair time approximate may vary according to the specific patient procedure, all cases and treatments are different, for diagnosis and information contact one of our top dental clinics.
"The best of the best!"
Everyone is so professional in their work, they are highly qualified, very friendly and excellent facilities. The best of the best... Read more.
Alizette Ochoa Salazar - 02/02/2019
"100% recommendable"
Excellent service, top quality facilities, in one visit they solve my problem, extremely professionals… 100% recommendable.
Lula Garcia - 05/27/2017
"Very satisfied with the treatments"
We come from Monclova to assist us with Dr. Ramirez, as I had him highly recommended, we left very satisfied with the treatments t... Read more.
Dante Quiroga

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